Andy N

My mom stayed there over 6 months already... It is wonderful organization with professional staff, clean and friendly environment. Home away from home for my mom.

Jaytee P

I just finished my clinical rotation here as a SPTA from Stanbridge University and I have to say this is a WONDERFUL place with a very knowledgeable staff. While I can only speak in experience with the therapy rehab department, I can definitely say that each therapist here and other wonder staff members like Julia care very much about the patients. There a many things that may be out of a therapist's hands, but anything that was able to be treat and helped with, the staff was extremely professional and caring. To me, that is the most important thing a therapist can be.


Many thanks to the amazing staff of Mission Palms healthcare . They are all friendly and knowledgeable in they specialty. Staff (PT)very patient and helpful towards my mom. Nurses were able to answer all of our questions regarding benefits & clinical . Superior quality provider all around, these nurses really put my family at ease. I am comfortable recommending to anyone who needs cares for their love ones.

Tracy P

Mission Palms Healthcare is good place for people recovery their health. The staff is amazing and helpful. I appreciate all their work and God bless them. Thank you all the staff.